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Get to Know Me

Hi! I am Lindsey. I created this practice because I believe everyone deserves a place to be heard, seen, and accepted. Growing up, I had always wished for someone to hear or see the pain I was going through; for someone to listen and validate my feelings. I want to create a space where this does not have to be my clients' reality. I want to facilitate a place for your voice, perspectives, and beliefs to be heard and seen.


When we are struggling mentally, it can often feel lonely, making it difficult to find the support we are longing for. I want to create a space where you are not only supported, but accepted for who you are and validated in your feelings. Every relationship is complicated, and getting started on your own growth and change can often feel overwhelming.

My goal is to meet you wherever you are and help you explore and reach the destination you want. I really mean it when I say I am accepting of where everyone is at no matter their past. No matter your experiences, I aim to provide a welcoming environment where you feel comfortable to work on all parts of yourself in order to become the best version of you!


As a white, cisgender-female clinician, I am committed to exploring the ways my own identities, privileges, and potential blindspots show up in our work together. One of my driving beliefs is that everyone is constantly learning to understand themselves more deeply, and in order to support my clients in that journey, I am dedicated to doing the work within myself. Understanding how my own identity affects my practice will be a continuous point of reflection for me; I will inevitably make mistakes and promise to name and grow from my shortcomings. I am committed to leaning into this, listening, reflecting, and working to be more inclusive and self-aware in service of clients of all identities. 


I am eager to hear from you, please call to see if this could be a safe space for you to express and work on yourself. Let’s connect and see if we are the right fit for each other. I believe this is as much your choice as it is mine. I look forward to this potential journey together. 


Different Ways I Work

I provide weekly to bi-weekly sessions with clients to ensure there is consistency in the work that we do together. Having a concrete schedule will not only allow us to work on more, it will also give you the best chance to see growth and change in your life.


At this time our sessions will take place via tele-health; however, if your schedule allows, there is an option to meet in person at my San Francisco office.

I aim to create a collaborative environment, one where you feel in control of your sessions and the direction you want to explore each week. When working with me, I will not push you beyond your limits or pressure you to talk about topics you are not ready to dive into. This is YOUR time where YOU get to decide how to use it. I am here to support you in your journey of healing from a nonjudgmental and nurturing place. 

All Hands In

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